Protect Your Vote Ohio

Hello, and welcome to our official website, as you might already know we are an organization that provides a high level of protection services to voters.

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What Can We Do for You

We are mainly focusing on improving and providing high-level protection services to voters because we know that it is very important that this process goes completely smooth without any unnecessary issues that can affect a community.

Hotline services

Hotline services are available at all times to everyone who feels threatened or has any type of issue with the voting process. you can easily call the hotline and talk to the professionals about your issue and they will help you get over them.

Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles is a big part of the services that we offer because there are a lot of people who want to vote, but they cannot because there is an obstacle in front of them that they can’t seem to overcome. We help those people find an easy way to overcome them.


Access to the Polls

Access to the Polls is a service that not many people might need, but there are some people who actually need this type of service because someone is not allowing them to take part. That type of activity is illegal, and we will help you get immediate access to the polls.

Our 4 Achievements

The Number of Voters

The Number of Voters is always a big deal because every year we as an organization help out a lot of people to vote. The job that we are doing is making a big difference because every vote counts.

Zero Issues

Zero Issues were found in our protection program, no matter the problem that the voters are struggling with, we were always able to fix it on time, so they can vote.

2500+ Calls

2500+ Calls is a huge achievement that we are quite proud of because it shows just how needed our protection program is for people.

Protection Service

Most Reliable protection service is an achievement that we are very proud of because it shows to people just how reliable we are and that they can trust us with their issues.

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