How Voting Can Help the Opioid Epidemic

It’s no surprise that an epidemic is spreading across Ohio and the rest of the United States. Every day, 99 adults in America are dying because of opioid overdoses. Ohio has been hit especially hard by this epidemic. In Ohio in 2016, there were 4,000 deaths related to Fentanyl alone. What can we do about this epidemic? Voting may not seem like a direct way to help this crisis, but it is.

What could be done to prevent so many people from becoming victims of drug and alcohol addiction? Ohio needs to provide its citizens with better access to addiction treatment so that people can get help when they need it. There also may need to be new and stricter drug laws. But studies have suggested that drug offenders would benefit more from Ohio drug rehab than they would from jail. There are many things about the system that need to be changed. Doctors don’t need to be so quick to prescribe painkillers to patients, and they don’t need to give patients a 30-day prescription after a surgery, for example.

So how can we make sure that these things actually happen? What can we do? This is one of the reason’s it’s so important to vote. When we vote people into office who care about these issues, that’s when we will start to see some results. It’s our duty to vote for the lawmakers that we believe in, and the opioid crisis is just one of the issues that is important to consider when deciding who to vote for.

You can usually see what certain politicians believe about certain issues by visiting their websites. They may also share beliefs about these things on social media. If they have family members that have been affected by addiction, you can also assume they will care more about this important issue.